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Carnival of Souls

Spine #63

May 16, 2000

Number of Discs: 1

  • 1.33:1 Standard
  • English Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono
  • English subtitles

Carnival of Souls

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Original release

Directed By: Herk Harvey
Starring: Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison, Stan Levitt, Herk Harvey
Licensor: MPI

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Herk Harvey's macabre masterpiece gained a cult following through late night television and has been bootlegged for years. Made by industrial filmmakers on a modest budget, Carnival of Souls was intended to have the "look of a Bergman" and "feel of a Cocteau," and succeeds with its strikingly used locations and spooky organ score. Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss) survives a drag race in a rural Kansas town, then takes a job as a church organist in Salt Lake City. En route, she becomes haunted by a bizarre apparition that compels her to an abandoned lakeside pavilion. Criterion is proud to present the ultimate special edition of this eerily effective B-movie classic that continues to inspire filmmakers today.

  • Original Theatrical Version and Director's Cut
  • The Movie That Wouldn't Die! The Story of Carnival of Souls: a documentary on the 1989 reunion of the cast and crew
  • More than 45 minutes of rare outtakes accompanied by Gene Moore's organ score
  • Theatrical trailer
  • An illustrated history of the Saltair resort in Salt Lake City
  • The Carnival Tour: a video update on the film's locations
  • Selected audio commentary by screenwriter John Clifford and late director Herk Harvey
  • One hour of excerpts from films made by the Centron Corporation, an industrial film company based in Lawrence, Kansas that employed Harvey and Clifford for over 30 years
  • An essay on the history of Centron from Ken Smith's Mental Hygiene
  • Printed interviews with Harvey, Clifford, and star Candace Hilligoss, illustrated with vintage photos and memorabilia


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