750 Ride the Pink Horse

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Re: 750 Ride the Pink Horse

#26 Post by Lemmy Caution » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:37 pm

Interesting film. Really liked the supporting roles by Wandra Hendrix and Thomas Gomez
Some great scenes, such as the children trapped on the merry-go-round while the Pancho the operator of the ride gets worked over by two thugs. Or the fiesta parade going by and then we see Pila & the wounded Gagin desperately hiding in an alley. Also some Lady in the Lake flashes when the camera is behind Gagin as he talks with someone.

Pink Horse reminded me a good deal of Odd Man Out, which was released 6 months earlier in 1947. Both feature a criminal, with a somewhat noble purpose, who has his plans go awry as they get seriously wounded while killing another man. Then for the second half of the film, the protag is in bad shape and passively at the mercy of others. They explore different concepts, but use the same unusual device to do so.

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