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Re: 316 Ran

#226 Post by schellenbergk » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:22 am

I see that here in the nation's capitol, the National Gallery is promoting a screening of "Ran" on June 30 2019 at 4pm (https://www.nga.gov/calendar/film-progr ... 9/ran.html).

The notes talk about this being a screening of a "DCP restoration" - is this the same restoration that previously shown at the Film Forum in NYC (which was billed as a "4K DCP restoration") and in Chicago?

The Criterion site simply lists a "digital restoration" for the DVD - is this the same restoration? I note that the NGA is screening "The Baker's Wife" just a few weeks before Criterion will release it. Does this perhaps hint at a forthcoming BluRay upgrade for "Ran"? (I'm deeply ignorant of the whole "rights" issues and what studios Criterion has access to; which would negate my speculation. Any info appreciated.)

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Re: 316 Ran

#227 Post by Drucker » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:32 am

If you're seeing a DCP of Ran, there is almost certainly only one actively in circulation. It will probably be the one that forms the basis of the blu-ray reissue/Film Forum screenings from last year.

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Re: 316 Ran

#228 Post by tenia » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:51 am

There is a DCP of this restoration, which is what I saw in theaters in 2015 at Lyon catalogue film festival.

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Re: 316 Ran

#229 Post by yoloswegmaster » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:27 pm

The theatrical rights to it is still with Rialto.

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