Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

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domino harvey
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Re: Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

#51 Post by domino harvey » Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:42 am

Having finally gotten around to this, boy, it's awful, huh? I mean, I'm glad for the fans to be able to see it in a longer version, but I was never especially excited about this film in any form as I thought Cabal was one of Barker's weakest contributions to the Books of Blood and think the theories floated by Barker as to the limited success of the film are ludicrous-- I sincerely doubt anyone at Morgan Creek or any studio/distro was getting mad that Barker made a "pro-monster" film in the late 80s/early 90s heyday of such attitudes. All of the performances are terrible-- Cronenberg should stick to directing-- and while some of the makeup is admittedly fun, it's hard to care enough to ever sit through this again. Augh, and the horrible, binary characterizations, especially in the police chief who looks like Buck Henry's muscular older brother, are just worthless antagonistic wheelspinning. And of course, given the sequelitis of most horror films, the set up here for a followup that's obviously never coming is wishful thinking at its most blind. Sooooo, off to eBay it goes!

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Re: Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

#52 Post by cdnchris » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:37 pm

I like Cronenberg's cameo in To Die For. Seemed suiting. But he was terrible in this, and was just another issue with the whole thing. I never found it involving or interesting, and never felt like I should care about the characters. The director's cut is better than the theatrical cut more in that the story is developed better, but ultimately I guess I just don't care about it and didn't find much else interesting about it, other than it takes place in Canada just because.

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Re: Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

#53 Post by knives » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:18 pm

His cameo in Jason X is also a little bit of fun.

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Re: Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

#54 Post by Harry Caul » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:10 pm

Recently saw the Nightbreed Blu director's cut. Fantastic! I had seen the film before, but this Blu was a revelation - incredible PQ, and the additional scenes (which seemed to primarily include more of the creatures) were incredible. This DC was definitely an improvement over the regular theatrical cut.

The make-up/prosthetics on the creatures was superb - both grotesque & impressive. Some of the creatures were so stomach turning it was hard to look at them - sickening.

In any case, this is my favorite Clive Barker film, and definitely one of my favorite '90's horror movies - though it's almost an '80's film, since it was probably filmed in '89. The ambiance/story definitely brought to mind a late '80's horror flick...

Too bad that the film didn't do better theatrically - it was obviously extremely expensive to produce/make, especially given all of the impressive creatures - these looked great even by today's standards, and the film is almost 30 years old!

Being a big Star Wars fan, I also made a couple of connections to SW:

1) The sexy but deadly female porcupine creature that fired deadly quills out of her body reminded me somewhat of an alien SW porcupine character from the Marvel comic book back in the late '70's - not sure if the nightbreed creature was "inspired" by this or not, but it is interesting:" onclick=";return false;

2) It was a cool coincidence that that actor Hugh Quarsie (one of the LE officials in the film, who was taken out by Dekker) much later played Captain Panaka in SW: Episode 1 (1999).

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Re: Scream Factory: Nightbreed Director's Cut

#56 Post by Reeniop41 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:40 pm

This is fantastic news! Thanks for sharing the link. Thoroughly enjoyed the Scream Factory release but would be interested in seeing that extra 12 minutes of footage.

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