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Danny Burk
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#26 Post by Danny Burk » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:06 pm

HerrSchreck wrote:I'm probably going to go ahead and take the plunge on MR WU. I want that film, and also QUEEN OF SPADES.
I'd be really surprised if it's not just a recording from TCM. Their stuff all appears to be, ummm, "discreetly released" although they do have the nerve to list it publicly....

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#27 Post by starmanof51 » Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:29 pm

I just watched their "Anything Goes", '36 version with Crosby and Ethel Merman, and what must have been an awfully young Ida Lupino. Pretty ugly copy, carrying the "Tops is the Limit" alternate title that I guess came about due to the 50s remake. Severly cropped on left and top, making the natural compositional center drift off to the upper left, which is funny after awhile. Creaky stuff, though seeing Merman is interesting - I liked her in it.

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#28 Post by Scharphedin2 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:07 pm

Schreck, did you ever manage to see any of the films from this "label"? Mr. Wu or anything else?

The link in the initial post did not work for me, but here is the link to the home page of Vintage Film Buff.


Re: Vintage Film Buff

#29 Post by calvinnme » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:13 pm

I ordered a DVD from vintagefilmbuff. I got the double feature of Interference and Bulldog Drummond (1929) in their "silent stars in the Talkies" series. Interference was William Powell's first talking picture at Paramount and was made in 1928. The sound quality through the first quarter of the film was not that great, but then improved. Audio quality on Bulldog Drummond was just fine. Video quality on Interference was OK. Video quality on Bulldog Drummond was quite good. I would say quality is half-way between something that has been touched up by TCM and straight public domain where there is no restoration at all.

What surprises me is that this site seems to sell some items that are definitely not PD. "Mr. Wu" still belongs to Warner Bros. Most of VFB's stock are the early Paramount talkies that Universal supposedly owns the rights to.

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Re: Vintage Film Buff

#30 Post by PillowRock » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:55 pm

I took a random look at their web site and found that they are currently having an "inventory reduction sale" with about 30 or 35 of their titles being 50 % off. (That means those titles are currently $9 or $10 instead of $18 or $20.)

I took this as a cue to check out a couple things. We'll see what they look like when they arrive.

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Re: Vintage Film Buff

#31 Post by Scharphedin2 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:33 pm

I just received an email from the Vintage Film Buff site offering a free DVD to the first 100 people sending in a reply with their top 10 picks for future VFB releases. The list of possible films is quite extensive, and it may be a fun exercise to participate in.

Here is the link to the page with the offer.

And, here is the actual list of films to choose from:
30 years of fun
4 Clowns
70,000 Witnesses 1932
A Christmas Carol aka Scrooge 1951
A Son Comes Home
A Time To Die
A Woman of the World
A Woman's Man
Accomplice 1946
Affairs of a Gentleman 1934
Air Eagles 1931
Alias Mary Smith
And Now Miguel
Animal World
Arizona to Broadway 1933
Back To Nature
Bear Island
Before Midnight 1933
Behind the Make-up 1930
Beneath The 12 Mile Reef
Big Broadcast of 1937 1937
Blind Date 1934
Breezing Home 1937
Bride comes home
By Appointment Only
Car 99
College Scandal 1935
Confessions of a Co-Ed 1931
Crime of Helen Stanley
Crime Without Passion
Crosby Case 1934
Cross Examination 1932
Dangerous Paradise 1930
Darkened Rooms 1929
Devil Is A Woman, The
Devils In Love
Doll Squad
Double Door
Down To Earth 1932
fair warning 1937
False Madonna 1931
Fangs of the Wild
Feather In Her Hat
Finn And Hattie 1931
Flash Gordon-Rocketship
Forbidden Trail
Gallant Lady 1933
George Whites 1935 Scandals 1935
Girl Habit 1931
Girl in 419 1933
Girl O' My Dreams 1934
Girls About Town 1931
Give Us This Night 1936
Golden Harvest 1933
Golden Twenties
Goliath & The Vampires
Grand Exit 1935
Great God Gold
Grubstake- Hopalong Cassidy
Gun Smoke
Hansel & Gretel
Happy Landings 1934
He s A Prince
Headless Horseman
Hearts In Bondage 1936
Her Husband Lies 1937
Her Masters Voice 1936
Her Sacrifice
Her Sister's Secret
Here Comes The Groom
Here Comes Trouble 1936
High Stakes 1931
High Voltage 1929
Hollywood Mystery
Hotel Haywire
Huckleberry Finn 1931
Husband's Holiday 1931
I Conquer The Sea!
I Cover The Waterfront 1933
I Was A Prisoner Of Devils Island
If You Could Only Cook 1935
In Possession
Island of Doomed Men 1940
It Can't Last Forever 1937
It Couldn't Have Happened.. But It did. 1936
Its In The Bag! 1945
Jack The Ripper
Jazz Age
Jungle Book
King Kelly of the USA 1934
Kiss & Make Up
Ladies Love Danger 1935
Ladies of the Big House 1931
Lady Be Careful (master) 1936
Late Extra 1935
Life With Father
Lights Of New York
Lone Cowboy 1933
Looking For Trouble 1934
Love Me Tonight
Luxury Liner
Madison Square Garden 1932
Magnificent Brute 1936
Magnificent Fraud 1939
Magnificent Lie
Man Of The World
Man That Gravity Forgot
Man Who Dared 1933
Mascot, The
Meet The Mayor
Midnight Phantom
Midshipman Easy 1935
Miracle man
Monte Carlo Nights
More Than a Secretary 1936
Most Precious Thing In Life
Mr. Lucky
Murder In The Zoo
Murder, My Sweet
My American Wife
Navy Wife 1935
Newly Rich
Night Club Scandal 1937
Night Of Terror
No Greater Glory 1934
No More Women 1934
One Hour Late 1934
Only Saps Work 1930
Our Town
Partners In Crime 1937
Peck's Bad Boy 1934
Personal Maid
Phantom Broadcast
Private Scandal 1934
Private Worlds
Public Opinion
Ready For Love 1934
Red Mantle
Road To Reno
Roadhouse Nights
Romance In The Dark
Royal Family of Broadway
Sarah and Son
Saturdays Millions 1933
Scandal Sheet 1931
Secret Call 1931
Self Made Lady
Shadow Man
She Couldn't Take It 1935
six hours to live 1932
Slightly Scarlet 1930
Snows of Kilimanjaro
Song of the Eagle 1933
Songs of the West
Splendor 1935
Square Shooter
Start Cheering 1938
Straight Place and Show 1938
Strange Case of Clara Deane 1932
Stranger From Arizona
Strangers In Love
Sunset Serenade
Thanks A Million
That Night With You
The Avengers/ Sun Mat
The Case Against Mrs. Ames 1936
The Crime Of The Century 1933
The Curtain Falls
The Devil and the Deep 1932
The Eagles Brood
The Fighting Ranger
The Great Gambini 1937
The Healer 1935
The Invisible Dr. Mabuse
The Lady Lies 1929
The Magic Box
The Man Who Lived Twice
The Merry Widow
The Mighty
The Miracle Man
The Moth
The Night Club
The Ranger and the Lady
The Secret Call
The Show Girl
The Studio Murder Mystery
The Tong Man
The Wedding Night
There's That Woman Again 1931
Thirty Day Princess
Three Broadway Girls
Three Cornered Moon
Thrill of Youth
Till we meet again 1936
Tom Sawyer 1930
Too Late For Love AKA There's Always Tomorrow 1934
Too Many Parents 1936
Too Tough To Kill 1935
Touchdown 1931
Transatlantic Merry-go-round 1934
Under Two Flags
Unmarried 1939
Unseen, The 1945
Unwelcome Stranger
Up For Murder 1931
Valley of Wanted Men
Vice Squad, The 1931
Walls Of Gold
Watch On The Rhine
Wayward 1932
We Have Our Moments 1937
What Men Want 1930
When Comedy Was King 1960
Whom The Gods Destroy
Wife of Monte Cristo
Wild Company 1930
World Gone Mad 1933
Young Desire 1930

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Re: Vintage Film Buff

#32 Post by fiddlesticks » Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:26 pm

Scharphedin2 wrote:I just received an email from the Vintage Film Buff site offering a free DVD to the first 100 people sending in a reply with their top 10 picks for future VFB releases. The list of possible films is quite extensive, and it may be a fun exercise to participate in.
It seems that the free-dvd portion of this expired yesterday. That's what it tells me when I use the code supplied to get the discount. Oh well.

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Re: Vintage Film Buff

#33 Post by HerrSchreck » Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:49 pm

Strange that they have things which are clearly spoken for by larger studios/distribution deals (The Devil Is A Woman, Nana, etc).

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Re: Vintage Film Buff

#34 Post by Jonathan S » Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:24 am

Now closed, possibly for the reason mentioned in the previous post...

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