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Re: 3 / BD 183 Michael

#76 Post by Jonathan S » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:37 am

A couple more reviews from last week (though I find David's the most interesting):
DVD Compare
The Geek Show

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Re: 3 / BD 183 Michael

#77 Post by Caligula » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:04 am

david hare wrote:Thanks Per-olof. Very nice review from Ben Pinsent. I hope they can sell out on this title.
I would like to add my voice and say I really enjoyed reading your review (my copy has already shipped). At the risk of going off-topic, the review mentions Michael as being one of your all-time top ten, and your blog contains a link to your top ten (which I can't get to work, searched on Senses of Cinema as well). I would be interested to know what films are your all-time greats, would you care to post them here (or a link)?

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Re: 3 / BD 183 Michael

#78 Post by david hare » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:27 pm

It's not my blog but Geoff Gardner's, Caligula. Geoff had asked people for what I thought were top tens of new directors. I posted a top 12 first films of great diectors only to discover he was after something more , um recherche - sort of ( I'm still not sure) "first movies by a director that changed you views on film". I still can't get my head around that so I never contributed one. Others have but it ran out after a few lists. Older I get the less inclined I am to keep it to 10. Filmalert101 is very much Geoff's baby and it's an Oz based site with an Oz focus, but I think the bulk of his contributors now are doing reviews, film disc or streaming. We are starting a season - a kind of mini Bologna Cinema Ritrovato in Sydney from May 3 to 7 for which he's booked over a dozen recent restorations of premium restored titles, all of which have had either minmum or no exposure yet, like the 2K of Ophuls Sans Lendemain which I am introducing, or other things like Med Hondo's Soleil O, the Paradjanov, and Noir Foundation/Cohen's Woman on the Run. It's a terrific program. Anyone in the region should try to come. Filmalert101 will be publishing a full program and screening notes next month. God knows how successful or not it's going to be. Sydney has not had any kind of cinephile scene forever, and the very limited weekend screenings that used to be shown at the AGNSW over the last few years (which got packed houses) was dealt a blow when curator Bob Herbert died suddenly late last year. It says a lot about the sheer venality of a place like Sydney now where rents and opportunites are just shut down and priced out of existence before they can even open. We will see.

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