How Now Brown Blu-rays

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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#451 Post by Ribs » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:11 pm

Why not just get it replaced? It’s just the cost of postage.

John Shade
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#452 Post by John Shade » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:23 pm

Always learning something new on this site

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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#453 Post by therewillbeblus » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:44 pm

My copy of “Pierrot Le Fou” just stopped working- has anyone had success getting this replaced in the last few years, with its OOP status?

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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#454 Post by swo17 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:52 pm

Supposedly they will still replace it

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#455 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:25 am

Did someone else notice a chemical reaction (inner layer - bronzing) like a lot of French QOL Blu-Ray with two recent Criterion blu-ray titles ? :

- Andrei Rublev : the inner center of the Blu-Ray is bronzing. The other Blu-Ray was in a CD standard jewel case and the inner center of the Blu-Ray has bronzed and got now the marked of the jewel case (it happened with the QOL pressing)

I can post a photo so that you can check.

- Marlene Dietrich/Von Sternberg movies : I notice the same with the "Blonde Venus".

I sincerely hope that all the July/September 2018 movies are not from the same plant. I did notice that Criterion probably changed his plant at this time; because so far the inner center of the Blu-Ray was "white"; not a bit "bronzed" (was already a bit like this when I got it).
It's really odd that this chemical reaction happens in less than 1 year.
It took years to my BR "Walkabout" to become obviously affected by "bronzing".

I sincerely hope that Tree Of Life is not from the same plant :-/

I will post a photo so that you can I.D the factory/matrix of these Blu-Ray; just in case...

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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#456 Post by dwk » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:58 am

If I'm not mistaken, there is only one plant left in North America.

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#457 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:00 am

I have to check what I bought after September...
I have check some other BR I have from summer/fall 2018.... such as "Personal Shopper" : obviously for this title, the plant was not the same : this is still the BR with the inner circle which is clearly white (when you look at the inner circle from the "playable" surface of the BR), whereas the titles from July/September (Andrei Rublev, Marlene Dietrich box set) have the inner circle of the BR disk a bit bronzed. That does imply that they will have a chemical alternation (a lot of Twilight Time titles are like this and they didn't have this chemical reaction like "Blonde Venus" and "Andrei Rublev" got).

I don't have humidity % excessive or excessive heat or cold in my appartement; all the French QOL pressed Blu-Ray which got chemical alterations took about 1 year or more to be altered. Those blu-ray with problems are well documented at French web site :
(QOL and other French BR pressings; not US titles)

It doesn't mean that at this point these BR are not playable anymore or will have in the future some playback issue. This is just, that if you can't put a Blu-Ray in a clean CD jewel case without the inner center of the disk reacting by bronzing and getting the "footprint" of the jewel case inner circle; that's not a very good sign.

you agree, that for some double-8 digipack like Andrei Rublev and some other Criterion digibook; you can remove the Blu-Ray and store it into a standard CD jewel case (both hub; blu-ray keepcase, even digipack, or CD are in plastic) ?
Mind you, I bought Andrei Rublev only 6 months ago.

So far I didn't check the matrix (I guess that the I.D moult is a better info to I.D which plant is it); but clearly, some Criterion blu-ray I bought recently comes from a plant, and some other obviously from another plant (when you look at the structure of the disk - surface layer; printed surface, and coil; they obviously does not come from the same plant)

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#458 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:12 am

but some titles which were released at the same time - such as "Personal Shopper" are obviously pressed from another factory (the inner circle of the disk is white; when you look at the "playable" surface of the disk)

occasionally, because of these double-8 Criterion digipack (when it's hard to remove meticulously the Blu-Ray above, the other Blu-Ray which is on the top of the other one) I use to take a CD standard jewel case. I have never thought about the explanation you gave here which could explain this physical reaction.

well, generally I forgot to replace some movies in their original digipack. I will learn the lesson I put it back into their digipack now.

I was just thinking : a blu-ray looks like a DVDs or a CDs, so I thought that storing it temporarly in a jewel CD case was "safe". At least you can not "scratch" the surface of the disk like when it's inserted into a book/carboard "case".
Some people have damaged (cracked) their inner circle of their blu-ray because of some f///ing digipack cardboard double-8 so it's a choice between "la peste et le choléra".

My concern here is [-o< since QOL rot is a fact for some French BR titles pressed by this factory and a few Criterion titles (Walkabout, etc...) had some bronzing effect after years; I'm concern if this is just a inner-circle "local" physical reaction and that this reaction is "isolated" from the main coil and double-layer of the blu-ray or if this is the sign of a particular way of pressing/manufacturing the coil- double-layer of the blu-ray and the beginning of a potential chemical alteration and/or fragility.

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#459 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:38 pm

I have checked the mould code (it's not that easy to read it) : does that provide more info about the plant ?
the IFPI number of the moult code is different for the Blu-Ray "Scarlett Empress" which looks ago - "Blonde Venus" has a bronzing inner circle which doesn't like a chemical alteration and has a different IFPI molt code number than "Scarlett Empress".
All these movies went back into their own digicase into the Marlène Dietrich box set after each viewing (by the way, what an amazing restoration for the "Scarlett Empress" and such an epic, odd, funny, amazing movie. Stunning photography !)

I have checked the other BR Criterion I have released at - about the same - time : all have a moult IFPI number different : even the theatrical cut BR of Tree Of Life is not the same than the IFIPI number for the extended cut.

On the other hand, "Andrei Rublev" which I put in a standard CD jewel case because the digicardboard with a blu-ray below and the other one on the top was not easy to handle.
Because I went lazy, I didn't put it back into the digipack. About 6 months later it got the "fingerprint" of the inner circle of the CD "hub" with bronzing alteration.

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: How Now Brown Blu-rays

#460 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:17 am

I got a reply at from a nice poster regarding the mould IFPI number :
neo_reloaded;16326593 wrote:KK is for the plant in Mexico - that's the last Blu-ray replicator in North America, and I expect all or at least the vast majority of North American blu-rays to come from that plant from here on out.

I don't know what the last two numbers mean, they are just for different machines that are in use at that plant. They likely evenly spread the load across their different machines, so it's effectively random which discs are pressed on what machines. I wouldn't give the last two digits much consideration unless we started to see some pattern.
ok that explains the "made in mexico" printed on the plastic wrap.

I have to add that "visually", the inner circle when you look at the surface layer of the Criterion BR from the last years (probably from another plant), you can clearly see a "clean" white surface below the plastic of the inner circle (I mean : you could see a "clean white surface" below/under the printed/artwork of the disk when you look the side of the "playable" surface of the disk, whereas from this new plant, the inner circle looks a bit bronzed).
that's just a "visual" look; it does not imply of course that this plant doesn't know to manufacture blu-ray.
That's just this Blu-Ray alteration of the inner circle for two recent titles is not a good sign for me and reminds me the infamous QOL plant from France (my Dear country ;)

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