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Re: Indicator

#1 Post by mistakaninja » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:57 am

Costa wrote:Anyone know from which film is this clue for next batch?

swo17 wrote:I assume that film's title is a reference to like a nightclub or something in an old noir but I'm not finding anything on that front.
mistakaninja wrote:The mob place in the '54 Dragnet film was called The Hot Spot, but that was colour too. I Wake Up Screaming was originally called Hot Spot, but it was a reference to the electric chair rather than anything specific in the picture.

Guessing this turned out to be Town on Trial. The synopsis on TCM reads,
"Following a lead from a matchbook found in Molly's rooms, Halloran stakes out a local roadhouse..."
Haven't seen the picture, but that seems to fit.

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