Cahiers Catch-All Thread: From Auteur to Z

Discuss films and filmmakers of the 20th century (and even a little of the 19th century). Threads may contain spoilers.
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Re: Cahiers Catch-All Thread: From Auteur to Z

#176 Post by domino harvey » Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:30 am

There are 354 films on the Cahiers Top Lists from 1951, 1955-1968. Assuming one has access, all but sixteen are available in English-friendly copies via commercial releases and back channels. Here's what's MIA:

Cyrano et d’Artagnan (Abel Gance 1963)
Forma Gordeev / Thomas Gordeyev (Mark Donskoy 1959)
Il Terrorista (Gianfranco de Bosio 1963)
La Course de taureaux (Pierre Braunberger 1951)
La Punition (Jean Rouch 1963)
Le journal d’une femme en blanc (Claude Autant-Lara 1965)
Les Honneurs de la guerre (Jean Dewever 1960)
Sait-on jamais… (Roger Vadim 1957)
Torero / Toro (Carlos Velo 1956)
Un coeur gros comme ca (Francois Reichenbach 1961)
Vacances portugaises (Pierre Kast 1963)

L’Amour a la chaine (Claude de Givray 1964)
La Bataille de France (Jean Aurel 1964)
Les Miracles n’ont lieu qu’une fois (Yves Allegret 1951)
Le Rendez-vous de minuit (Roger Leenhardt 1962)
Marie Soleil (Antoine Bourseiller 1966)

If anyone has a line on English-friendly copies of any of the above, please speak up!

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