Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits

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The Big BossFist of FuryThe Way of the DragonEnter the DragonGame of Death
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In the early 1970s, a kung-fu dynamo named Bruce Lee side-kicked his way onto the screen and straight into pop-culture immortality. With his magnetic screen presence, tightly coiled intensity, and superhuman martial-arts prowess, Lee was an icon who conquered both Hong Kong and Hollywood cinema, and transformed the art of the action film in the process. This collection brings together the five films that define the Lee legend: furiously exciting fist-fliers propelled by his innovative choreography, unique martial-arts philosophy, and whirlwind fighting style. Though he completed only a handful of films while at the peak of his stardom before his untimely death at age thirty-two, Lee left behind a monumental legacy as both a consummate entertainer and a supremely disciplined artist who made Hong Kong action cinema a sensation the world over.

Technical Specifications

Format: Blu-ray
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: English 1.0 Dolby Digital Mono , Cantonese 1.0 Dolby Digital Mono , Mandarin 1.0 Dolby Digital Mono , English 1.0 PCM Mono , Mandarin 1.0 PCM Mono
Subtitles: English
Region: A
Discs: 7 Discs |  BD-50
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  • New interviews on all five films with Lee biographer Matthew Polly
  • Audio commentary on The Big Boss by Bruce Lee expert Brandon Bentley
  • Audio commentary on The Big Boss by Hong Kong–film expert Mike Leeder
  • Alternate Opening Credits for The Big Boss
  • Alternate Ending for The Big Boss
  • Extended Scenes for The Big Boss
  • Bruce Lee: The Early Years: Archival interview with stuntman Gene LeBell
  • Bruce Lee vs. Peter Thomas: short video essay by Brandon Bentley on composer Peter Thomas
  • Theatrical Trailers for The Big Boss
  • TV Spots for The Big Boss
  • Audio commentary on Fist of Fury by Hong Kong–film expert Mike Leeder
  • Interview with Actor Nora Miao
  • Interview with Actor Riki Hashimoto
  • Interview with Actor Jun Katsumura
  • Interview with Actor and Stuntman Yuen Wah
  • Alternate Opening Credits for Fist of Fury
  • Theatrical Trailers for Fist of Fury
  • Audio commentary on The Way of the Dragon by Hong Kong–film expert Mike Leeder
  • Legacy of the Dragon: 2001 documentary about Bruce Lee's life and career
  • Alternate Opening Credits
  • Bruce Lee Remembered, interviews with those that worked with him
  • Kung Fu?: interview with actor Jon T. Benn
  • Theatrical Trailers for The Way of the Dragon
  • Radio Spot for The Way of the Dragon
  • Blood and Steel, a 2004 documentary about the making of Enter the Dragon
  • Bruce Lee: In His Own Words (1998)
  • Collection of short interviews with Linda Lee Cadwell
  • Interview With Tung Wai
  • Electronic Press Kit for Enter the Dragon
  • Theatrical Trailers for Enter the Dragon
  • TV Spots for Enter the Dragon
  • Radio Spot for Enter the Dragon
  • Audio commentary on Game of Death by Hong Kong–film expert Mike Leeder
  • Game of Death Redux, a new presentation of Lee’s original Game of Death footage, produced by Alan Canvan
  • Alternate Openings and Endings for Game of Death
  • Deleted Scenes for Game of Death
  • Outtakes from Game of Death
  • Bloopers from Game of Death
  • Game of Death Revisited: Interview with Robert Wall
  • Theatrical Trailers for Game of Death
  • High-definition presentation of Game of Death II, the 1981 sequel to Game of Death
  • Alternate opening credits for Game of Death II
  • Trailer gallery
  • Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend (1973)
  • 2K digital restoration of the 102-minute “special-edition” version of Enter the Dragon
  • Audio commentary on the special-edition version of Enter the Dragon by producer Paul Heller
  • New interview with producer Andre Morgan about Golden Harvest, the company behind Hong Kong’s top martial-arts stars, including Lee
  • New program about English-language dubbing with voice performers Michael Kaye (the English-speaking voice of Lee’s Chen Zhen in Fist of Fury) and Vaughan Savidge
  • New interview with author Grady Hendrix about the “Bruceploitation” subgenre that followed Lee’s death, and a selection of Bruceploitation trailers
  • The Grandmaster and the Dragon: interview with Wing Chun Grandmaster William Cheung on Bruce Lee's training
  • An essay by critic Jeff Chang

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