Friday the 13th

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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Directed by: Marcus Nispel

In 2003, director Marcus Nispel made a lasting impression on horror fans with his box-office-topping remake The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Six years later, he turned his camera to another slasher icon, none other than the hulking masked killer Jason Voorhees, in his gore-soaked remake of Friday the 13th.

A group of oblivious teenagers choose Camp Crystal Lake as the destination for a weekend getaway. Among them, the young Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki, Supernatural) is not looking for fun and frolics, but for his sister Whitney who disappeared around the lake six weeks earlier. The trip turns into a waking nightmare as the bloodthirsty Jason emerges from the shadows, wielding a deadly machete and out for blood. Cut off from civilization, these youths discover too late that Crystal Lake bears the scars of a violent past as they uncover the terrifying events that spurred the masked killer’s quest for violent vengeance.

Nispel’s taut direction and the stunning cinematography by Daniel Pearl – whose credits include the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre as well as the remake – bring a fresh and terrifying new perspective to the infamous hockeymasked maniac, sure to bring chills and thrills to even hardened horror veterans!

Technical Specifications

Format: 4K UHD Blu-ray
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Audio: English 5.1 DTS-HD MA Surround
HDR: HDR10 [Extended Killer Cut] ,  Dolby Vision [Extended Killer Cut] ,  HDR10 [Theatrical Cut] ,  Dolby Vision [Theatrical Cut]
Subtitles: English
Region: None
Discs: 2 Discs |  UHD-66/UHD-100


  • Two cuts of the film, the Theatrical Cut (97 mins) and the extended Killer Cut (105 mins)
  • Double-sided foldout poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin
  • Limited edition Greetings from Crystal Lake Postcard
  • Illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Matt Konopka and Alexandra West
  • Brand new audio commentary by director Marcus Nispel [Theatrical Cut]
  • Brand new audio commentary by writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon
  • Brand new audio commentary by film critics Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Josh Nelson [Killer Cut]
  • Brand new interview with director Marcus Nispel
  • Brand new interview with writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon
  • Brand new interview with cinematographer Daniel Pearl
  • A Killer New Beginning, an exclusive video essay about why horror fans shouldn’t fear remakes, what 2009’s Friday the 13th remake gets right, and why the film serves as a perfect template for future franchise remakes by film critic Matt Donato
  • Excerpts from the Terror Trivia Track
  • The Rebirth of Jason Voorhees archival featurette
  • Hacking Back / Slashing Forward archival featurette
  • The 7 Best Kills archival featurette
  • Deleted scenes
  • Original teaser
  • Trailer
  • TV spots
  • Electronic press kit
  • Image gallery

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