Ingmar Bergman Volume Two

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Smiles of a Summer NightSummer InterludeSummer with MonikaThe MagicianThe Seventh SealWild StrawberriesWaiting WomenA Lesson in Love
Svensk Filmindustri
Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
Featuring: Victor Sjöström, Anita Björk, Ulla Jacobsson , Eva Dahlbeck, Maj-Britt Nilsson, Ingrid Thulin, Harriet Andersson, Birger Malmsten, Nils Poppe, Alf Kjellin, Yvonne Lombard, Gunnar Björnstrand, Bengt Ekerot, Margit Carlqvist, Annalisa Ericson, Jullan Kindahl, Lars Ekborg, Ake Grönberg, Georg Funkquist, Bibi Andersson, Stig Olin, Folke Sundquist, Inga Gill, Olof Winnerstrand, Karl-Arne Holmsten, Naima Wifstrand, Max von Sydow, Jarl Kulle , Mimi Pollak, Björn Bjelvenstam, Birgitte Reimer, Maud Hansson, Aino Taube, John Elfström, Inga Landgré, Gertrud Fridh, Renée Björling, Håkan Westergren, Tovio Pawlo, Gunnel Broström, Gunnel Lindblom, Bertil Anderberg, Erland Josephson, Dagmar Ebbesen, Åke Fridell, Sigge Fürst, Gunnar Olsson, Anders Ek, Sif Ruud, Gunnar Sjöberg, Erik Strandmark

For over 50 years, Ingmar Bergman produced ground-breaking works of cinema that established him as one of the world’s most acclaimed, enduring and influential filmmakers.

In the 1950s he firmly established himself at the vanguard of world cinema. Following his breakthrough success Summer with Monika (1953), Bergman continued with a series of ground-breaking productions, many of which are still considered some of the greatest films ever made.

Presented over six discs, Ingmar Bergman: Volume 2 features eight landmark titles by the iconic filmmaker – presented together on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. These include the Palme d’Or-nominated comedy Smiles of a Summer Night (1955), the introspective meditation on old age and human existence, Wild Strawberries (1957) and the iconic exploration of faith and death, The Seventh Seal (1957).

Technical Specifications

Format: Blu-ray
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Audio: Swedish 1.0 PCM Mono
Subtitles: English
Region: B
Discs: 6 Discs |  BD-50

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Smiles of a Summer Night
Summer Interlude
Summer with Monika
The Magician
The Seventh Seal
Wild Strawberries
Waiting Women
A Lesson in Love

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