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Re: The River

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:49 pm
by david hare
Considering how long it is now since Tag began circulating his restoration of the French “version” it staggers me that BFI never even considered speaking to him before embarking on this frankly fruitless exercise. Did they feel they have to appease Ritrovats by using their profoundly inferior, cut version, or is there other motive for not even bothering. Its not as though they would find Tag hard to find.

Having said this, it’s obvious they have run their own scan or encode of the Renoir InsitutLumière source. I actually prefer their encode of the Renoir to both theCarlotta and the Criterion. It looks better resolved for grain, tighter and looks more organic. But I would really welcome a brand new scan from negs and higher specced master with”better”color grading.