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Re: The Girlfriend Experience

#26 Post by therewillbeblus » Mon May 03, 2021 11:31 pm

The first two eps of season 3 are out and it's.. interesting. I'm keeping my expectations low after the departure of the directorial creative team of Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, but this season theoretically works by using neuroscience's subset of behavioral psychology to double down on the show's established ethos. The Girlfriend Experience has thrived on exploring and exposing the ironic reality of the individual's sterile isolation within their social environment in western industrialist cultures, specifically via interpersonal relations that posture at intimacy but remain superficial due to the comfort born from innate and conditioned alienation. So for our heroine to utilize manipulative psychological techniques that stimulate responses based on detached, experimental behaviorist principles is bitterly unemotional in a literal sense.

I'll admit that I find our lead to be a bit too robotic and confident as she steps into the field -I can give some rope, but the nonchalant "That makes sense" to suggestions from her booking agent and she rationalizes the cerebral connotations of decision-making was irritatingly self-indulgent to the premise. While I suppose I can get behind the anthology series widening its detachment from symptoms of humanity as it ventures deeper into its run (and into the tech field this season, ugh I can already feel the cynical antisocial vibe crawling up my skin) I find myself already missing the balanced temperament of the first two series, where the leading ladies were removed from our subjective comprehension yet observably human in coping with emotional turmoil, resiliently composed with volcanic energy brewing just below the surface. Time will tell if this remains too on-the-nose and supercilious (like its lead) for the series' own good, but there's a lot of potential here, and the material channels a personal thrill for my professional interest so fingers crossed that Anja Marquardt, Soderbergh and co. are up to the challenge.

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