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Film Club Rules and Procedures (required reading!)

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:29 pm
by Mr Sausage
Here you'll find everything you'll need to know about how the Film Club will work. Below are the various rules and guidelines and the format. Everyone participating should read these.


This is a project where the members of this forum can engage in real, substantive discussions about films in the Criterion Collection. There are no expectations regarding length or originality or anything like that, but we do ask that members bring something real and substantive to each of their posts. This can be anywhere from a long essayistic analysis to a brief review to simply a good question. Treat this as a place to add your own observations or get your questions answered. Posts that say the equivalent of "I love this movie!!!!" are strongly discouraged. Dissent, however, is strongly encouraged: if you hated the film, especially a well-loved one, please add your thoughts. But remember to follow the general forum rules against trolling or posting empty provocations. Any of the latter will be deleted immediately.

Each film under discussion will be a widely available movie from the Criterion Collection. Only in print DVDs and OOP DVDs with a widely available alternative (eg. The Killer) are eligible. Obviously we don't expect members only to watch the Criterion DVD; nevertheless, precedence will be given in discussion to the cut of the film offered by Criterion. Comparisons between this and other cuts are welcome, but general comments should refer to the Criterion cut. This is just to keep all contributors on the same page.

While we are confining ourselves to films out on Criterion DVDs, this is a film discussion club only. There is to be no discussion or argument about aspect ratios, picture quality, sound mixes, competing DVDs, covers, packaging, or anything else DVD related. Any post that violates this rule will be deleted. The only exception is extras, which can be used to facilitate discussion and analysis.


1) Five films from the collection will be chosen at random via a random number generator. Those fives films will then be eligible for a vote. I will keep the vote open for three days. The highest voted film will be discussed, with the discussion starting immediately after the vote has concluded. Each vote starts three days before the currently open discussion closes.
2) How members see the chosen film is up to them.
3) Discussion will be open for two weeks.
4) I will be asking for members to submit questions that either raise interesting points for discussion or that members would like answered from a more knowledgeable source. I strongly encourage everyone to really think about submitting one--this aids discussion immeasurably. At the same time, if members want to suggest good secondary sources to be consulted during the discussion, that is welcome.
5) Once discussion has closed, I will move each thread to the Film's original dedicated thread in The Criterion Collection forum. The next discussion thread will then be opened.

Who can participate:

Anyone who has seen the film in any format and at any time can participate. If you've seen the film ten years ago or if you just watched it two days before the deadline, you can contribute. The only requirement is that you've seen the film. You do not have to have seen it by the time the discussion starts--anywhere in the middle or at the end is just fine. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged.

Re: Film Club Rules and Procedures (required reading!)

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:39 pm
by Mr Sausage
Regarding Spoilers:

-Spoilers for the film under discussion are encouraged. Each thread is meant to be a place where an individual film can be discussed openly and freely. Members should feel no restriction when talking about any aspect of the film. As well, readers should not expect posts to remain spoiler-free.

-Normal spoiler etiquette remains standing for any film not directly under discussion. Keep in mind: while all participants will have seen the film chosen to discuss, that does not mean they've seen any other film you might care to bring up.