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Past Film Club Discussions

#1 Post by Mr Sausage » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:51 pm

Le deuxième souffle [August, 2013]
Le ciel est à vous [September, 2013] - curated by swo17
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs [October, 2013] - Japan theme
Sweet Smell of Success [October, 2013]
Kuroneko [November, 2013] - Horror theme
Cria Cuervos [November, 2013] - 1970's theme
Antonio Gaudi [November, 2013] - documentary theme
Miss Julie [December, 2013] - curated by domino harvey
Quai des Orfèvres [December, 2013]
The Suitor [January, 2014] - 2013 release theme
Z [January, 2014] - Oscar theme
The Browning Version [February, 2014] - curated by Sloper
Marketa Lazarova [February, 2014] - Mediaeval theme
Broadcast News [March, 2014] - 1980's theme
Secret Honor [March, 2014] - curated by matrixschmatrix
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold [April, 2014] - War theme
Loves of a Blonde [April, 2014]
Martha Graham: Dance on Film [May, 2014]
Big Deal on Madonna Street [May, 2014]
Veronika Voss [June, 2014]
Lonesome [June, 2014]
Zorns Lemma [June, 2014]
Ballad of a Soldier [July, 2014]
I Married a Witch [July, 2014]
Summer Hours [August, 2014] - Summer theme
Thief [August, 2014] - 80's theme
Red Desert [September, 2014] - Color theme
The Man Who Fell to Earth [September, 2014] - Manhood theme
Report on the Party and Guests [October 2014] - curated by zedz
Il sorpasso [October 2014] - 2014 release theme
Vampyr [October 2014] - Halloween theme
Ivan the Terrible [November 2014] - Runners Up theme
Fires on the Plain [November 2014] - War Theme
The Game [December 2014] - 90's release theme.
Les Blank: Always For Pleasure [December 2014] - 2014 release theme
Vagabond [January 2015]
The Decameron [January 2015]
Three Resurrected Drunkards [February 2015]
The Scarlet Empress [February 2015] --Member of the Year Curation (Sloper).
No Blood Relation [March 2015]
The Music Room [March 2015]
The Last Temptation of Christ [April 2015] --Films of Faith Theme.
The 39 Steps [April 2015] - Runners Up theme.
The Double Life of Veronique [May 2015] - 90's theme.
Kapo [May 2015] --Essential Arthouse theme
Seconds [June 2015]
Design for Living [June 2015]
Still Walking [June 2015] --2000's theme
Black Narcissus [July 2015] --Films of Faith theme
Fellini Satyricon [August 2015] --2015 release theme.
The Naked Kiss [August 2015] --Noir theme
Ran [August 2015] --best director without best picture nominee theme.
Sundays and and Cybèle [September 2015]
The Tiger of Eschnapur/The Indian Tomb [September 2015] --MOC theme.
Goto, Isle of Love [October 2015] --Arrow Academy theme
Cat People [October 2015] -- Scream Factory theme (curated by colinr0380)
Terror Train [October 2015] -- Slasher theme (curated by domino harvey)
Underworld [November 2015] -- Noir/NeoNoir theme
Border Radio [November 2015] -- road movie theme
Green For Danger [December 2015]
La Tête d'un homme [December 2015] --2015 release theme
Che [January 2016] --2000s theme
The Spirit of the Beehive [January 2016] -- Films of Youth theme
The Valley of the Bees [February 2016] -- Second Run theme
Weekend [February 2016] -- Films of 2010-2014 theme
Wooden Crosses [March 2016] -- Member of the Year Curation (colinr0380)
Don't Look Now [March 2016] -- Runners Up theme
Do the Right Thing [April 2016]
The Fire Within [April 2016]
Inside Llewyn Davis [April 2016] -- 2010s theme
Journey to Italy [May 2016] -- Runners Up theme
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence [May2016] -- David Bowie theme.
Moonrise Kingdom [June 2016] --Films of Youth theme
Tokyo Story [July 2016] --All-Time List theme
Boudu Saved from Drowning [July 2016] --Theatre Adaptation List theme
La Chienne [July 2016] --First Half of 2016 Release theme.
The Ascent [August 2016] --Female Filmmakers theme.
Odd Man Out [August 2016] --24-Hours-or-Less List theme.
La Jetée [September 2016]
Leon Morin, Priest [September 2016] --Foreign Occupation theme (curated by Ando).
The Man Who Knew Too Much [October 2016] --Auteur Mini List theme
Persona [October 2016] --Bergman theme (curated by Sloper).
Night of the Hunter [October 2016] --Halloween theme.
Mr. Freedom [November 2016] --Politics theme.
Only Angels Have Wings [November 2016] --Runners up theme.
Chimes at Midnight [December 2016] --2016 release theme.
Red River [December 2016] --Westerns Genre List Redux theme
Red Beard [January 2017] --non-Samurai Kurosawa theme
L'Avventura [January 2017] --All-Time List theme
The Conformist [February 2017] --Arrow Academy theme.
To Be or Not to Be [February 2017] --Member of the Year curation
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia [March 2017] --Arrow Video theme.
Stagecoach [March 2017] --Western Genre List Redux Winner
Through a Glass Darkly [March 2017] --Auteur Mini List Theme
Vertigo [April 2017] --All-Time List Project Winner.
House of Games [April 2017]
Before Sunset [May 2017]
Fanny and Alexander [May 2017] --Auteur Mini List Winner.
The Wages of Fear [June 2017] --Cannes Winners mini list theme.
Pinkus' Shoe Palace [June 2017] --pre-1920's List theme.
Diary of a Country Priest [June 2017]
Taxi Driver [July 2017] --Cannes Winners mini list winner.
M [August 2017] --Auteur Mini List Theme
Tampopo [August 2017] --Criterion mid-year release theme
The Long Goodbye [August 2017] --Runner's Up theme
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse [September 2017] --Fritz Lang Auteur List winner.
The Young Girls of Rochefort [September 2017] --New Wave List theme.
Carnival of Souls [October 2017] --Halloween theme.
Black Sabbath [October 2017] --Halloween theme. (no discussion occurred).
The Oyster Princess [November 2017] --pre-1920's list winner. (no discussion occurred)
The 400 Blows [November 2017] --French New Wave mini-list winner.
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie [December 2017] --Auteur Mini List Theme
Barry Lyndon [December 2017] --2017 release theme
Master of the House [January 2018] --1920's List theme.
The Exterminating Angel [January 2018] --Luis Buñuel Auteur List Project winner
Breaker Morant [February 2018] --Biopics Genre List theme
Last Year at Marienbad [February 2018] --Member of the Year curation.
McCabe and Mrs. Miller [March 2018]
Ugetsu [March 2018]
Sapphire [April 2018] --Morbii curated Eclipse vote
The Last Command [April 2018] --1920's List Project theme
The Passion of Joan of Arc [May 2018] --Biopics List Project winner.
Housekeeping [May 2018] --Indicator vote
La Ciénaga [June 2018) --Women Director's mini list theme.
Beau Travail [June 2018] --Women Director's mini list winner.
Sunrise [June 2018] --1920's List theme
The Virgin Suicides [July 2018] --Criterion 2018 release vote
Les misérables [July 2018] --1930's List Project theme (no discussion occurred)
My Darling Clementine [August 2018] --Jean, Jean, and John mini list.
Kanal [August 2018]
Libeled Lady [September 2018] --a 30's vote curated by knives coinciding with the 30's List Project.
Night of the Living Dead [September 2018]
Au revoir là-haut [October 2018] --Cesar vote curated by domino harvey
All the Colours of the Dark [October 2018] --giallo vote curated by Mr Sausage
Identification of a Woman [November 2018]
Grand Illusion [November 2018] --Jean, Jean, and John mini list winner.
The Grapes of Wrath [December 2018] --Jean, Jean, and John mini list winner. (no discussion occurred)
Breathless [December 2018] --Jean, Jean, and John mini list winner.
Trouble in Paradise [December 2018] --Precode mini list winner.
Saraband [January 2019] --Ingmar Bergman theme.
The Magnificent Ambersons [January 2019] --Criterion 6-month release theme.
Gold Diggers of 1933 [February 2019] --1930s theme curated by Rayon Vert.
Hour of the Wolf [March 2019] --DarkImbecile member of the year vote.
Trafic [March 2019] --Film Club Runner Up vote
Broadway Danny Rose [March 2019] --Woody Allen auteur List theme
Kind Hearts and Coronets [April 2019] --1940s List project theme
Rebecca [April 2019] --Oscar winners List project theme
Motel Hell [May 2019] --Arrow vote curated by DarkImbecile
Brief Encounter [May 2019]
Kings of the Road [June 2019]
L'Enfer [June 2019] --Claude Chabrol auteur List theme curated by domino harvey
Dry Summer [July 2019]
The Heiress [July 2019] --first half of 2019 release theme
Breaking the Waves [July 2019] (no discussion occurred)
Le Boucher [August 2019] --Chabrol auteur mini-List project
Throne of Blood [August 2019] --Shakespeare adaptations mini list project
Sansho the Bailiff [September 2019]
They Live by Night [September 2019] --runners up theme (no discussion occurred)
Beastie Boys Video Anthology [October 2019] --Music Video Mini-List theme
Antichrist [October 2019] --Halloween theme curated by mfunk9786
Dressed to Kill [November 2019]
Day of Wrath [November 2019] --1940s List project theme
Citizen Kane [December 2019] --1940s List project winner
Europa '51 [December 2019] --1950s List project theme
Through the Olive Trees [January 2020] --last half of 2019 release theme
A Touch of Zen [January 2020]
The Young Pope [January-February 2020] --therewillbeblus member of the year theme.
Black Ice & Hotel Chevalier [February, 2020] --domino harvey Criterion short films theme
Zéro de conduite [March 2020]
A Lesson in Love [March 2020]
Contagion [April 2020] --Let's Get Sick with Soderbergh theme.
The Colour of Pomegranates[ [April 2020]
Psycho [May 2020] --Horror List Redux winner
Ace in the Hole [May 2020] --Billy Wilder auteur list project theme
Irma la Douce [May/June 2020] --Runner's Up theme
The Apartment [June 2020] --Billy Wilder auteur list project winner
The Thing From Another World [June/July 2020] --Howard Hawks auteur list project theme
Blow-Up [July 2020]
Anatomy of a Murder [July/August 2020] --1950s List Project theme
His Girl Friday [August 2020] --Howard Hawks auteur list project winner
Le petit soldat [August 2020] --first half of 2020 Criterion release schedule
Until the End of the World [September 2020] --Sci Fi List project theme
An Unmarried Woman [September 2020]
Rear Window [October 2020] --1950's List project winner theme.
Cold War [October 2020] --Criterion 2010 release schedule theme.
Three Colours: White [October-November 2020]
The Manchurian Candidate [November 2020] --election theme.
Days of Heaven [November/December 2020]
An Actor's Revenge [December 2020]
Amores perros [December-January 2020] --last half of 2020 Criterion release schedule
The New World [January 2021] --New Years Theme (sort of?) [no discussion occurred]
La collectionneuse [January 2021]
The Philadelphia Story [February 2021]
Miller's Crossing [February 2021] --sloper member of the Year theme.
Possession [March 2021] --feihong member of the year theme.
2001: a Space Odyssey [March 2021] --Sci-Fi list project winner
Intentions of Murder [March-April 2021] --Imamura vote curated by Mr Sausage
The Forgiveness of Blood [April 2021] --2010s List project theme
North by Northwest [April-May 2021] --Cary Grant auteur list winner
The Insect Woman [May 2021]
The Passion of Anna [May-June 2021] --60s list project theme
A Portrait of a Lady on Fire [June 2021] --2010s List Project winner
Laura [June-July 2021] --Preminger Auteur List theme
Cronos [July 2021] --Director First Films List theme (no discussion occurred)
Memories of Murder [July-August 2021] --Criterion 2021 release theme.

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Re: Past Film Club Discussions

#2 Post by Mr Sausage » Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:48 am

A lot of members don't seem to know about it, so I'll point out that this thread contains a list of all the previous Film Club discussions with links to those discussions.