Play Dirty (Andre DeToth, 1968)

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Play Dirty (Andre DeToth, 1968)

#1 Post by sevenarts » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:39 am

I just watched this stunner of a war film last night, and was totally blown away by it. It's dark, cynical, and has the best ending imaginable -- I was literally giggling with glee after it was over just because I couldn't actually believe what had just happened. I've posted some thoughts about the film in greater length on my blog, and I wanted to jumpstart some discussion on the film since it hasn't been talked about much here.

Also, any word on other de Toth on DVD? I've only seen Thunder Over the Plains, which was a totally undistinguished Randolph Scott western, and I still have Ridin' Shotgun (another Scott oater) and Crime Wave to watch from him. But neither of those seems like it will be in the same league as this one; was anything else that de Toth did this great?

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#2 Post by jesus the mexican boi » Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:04 am

sevenarts wrote:Was anything else that de Toth did this great?
Probably not in the way that you mean. I think his Randolph Scott westerns are underrated in view of the Boetticher-Scott collaborations, and well worth exploring if you think Scott is a special brand of badass (I do). And you have Crime Wave, which is pretty damn bravura on its own. But I don't think any of them touch the balls-out,
Night of the Living Dead ending
greatness of Play Dirty.

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