In the Heat of the Sun (Jiang Wen, 1994)

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In the Heat of the Sun (Jiang Wen, 1994)

#1 Post by SalParadise » Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:06 am

Saw this excellent movie last night (downloaded it from rapidshare - no chance of buying it on DVD...)

Question: Does anybody know the flag next to the PRC one?

I also wonder if there exists a longer cut as in 'the credits' it 'credits' 4 american 'devils' but they didn't appear in the version I saw.

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Re: In the Heat of the Sun (Jiang Wen, 1994)

#2 Post by Bajaja » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:15 pm

I am afraid that it is a flag of a non-existent country, and I do not know whether it was deliberate. I like to think yes, because I have an utmost respect for Jiang Wen, both as an actor and director.

I love the film for both its technique--photography and performances of the young actors--and its theme--a teenage coming of age during strange times, a very fresh look at the cultural revolution, without the almost distilled depression and political criticism of Zhang Yimou or Tian Zhuangzhuang. I have brought an excellent quality DVD from China (legal? not legal? do I care? (sorry)). The cover has Japanese characters on it. Unfortunately, the disc has no English subtitles. At the moment I cannot recall if it has Japanese and/or Chinese subtitles.

Come to think of it, the film would be perfect for the Collection...

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