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Re: 1084 Mirror

#51 Post by jegharfangetmigenmyg » Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:34 pm

Also, don't forget that the Lumiere has an extremely low bitrate and a lot of digital noise. According to caps-a-holic, its bitrate comes at 16640 kbps against Criterion's 35667 kbps. Take a look at the artifacts in some of the darker caps, and especially in cap 9.

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Re: 1084 Mirror

#52 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:30 pm

tenia wrote:
Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:57 am
Based on those caps, it just looks for most of them like a difference in gamma (except for the sepia/B&W scenes of course). Cap 7 is almost identical for instance. Only cap 9 looks more consciously re-graded, while cap 12 seems different only by the color of the shirt.
well, unfortunately there is no caps for the opening scene with the grass.
The ending scene caps 12 - shows that the grass is not green anymore - it has been "de-greenish'ed". I think that you can see that on the caps. That's why bother me with the grass on the opening sequence too.
I don't know why. It doesn't "fit" with Tarkovsky documentary by his son (even if this seems to be the Artificial Eye transfer which is shown) : all color Tarkovsky movies have some green grass : Stalker, Solaris.
Criterion has kept the "warmness" of the Lumiere caps but no more green.

I know, that's how I was not worried by the first comments posted here, since I own the Lumiere BR and had ordered the Criterion BR.
The difference which strikes me the most is the scene with the grass (which announces Stalker with the wind) which is totally desaturated although both have the same color grading (warm tones) and white sky.
I can't tell this would be that different by looking just at the caps.
I had checked a look at the caps and I did not see that many difference in color grading (the most obvious is the black & white (I agree that the Criterion has more grain during the black & white scene : by the way, some black turned out to be slightly red-ish on the Criterion and both have some shots which seem to come from a difference source more "digital-video"-like (no grain) : I don't know if this is because some shots were censored or removed or if this was wanted by Tarkovsky (I doubt) : this happens several times : during the printingshop : the quarrel scene. And later during the husband and his wife, and even during the flashback snow scene.

Perhaps I have to wait and see and will appreciate this new color grading later...
One thing strikes me with Tarkovsky : it seems that his movies, and every shot is kind of like "you can't catch me" - as if his worked was "uncatchable". Kind of mysterious thing.

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Re: 1084 Mirror

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