1214 I Am Cuba

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1214 I Am Cuba

#1 Post by swo17 » Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:51 pm

I Am Cuba


Both a landmark of radical political cinema and one of the most visually ravishing films ever made, this legendary hymn to revolution shimmers across the screen like a fever dream of rebellion. The result of an extraordinarily ambitious collaboration between the Soviet and Cuban film industries, director Mikhail Kalatozov's I Am Cuba unfolds in four explosive vignettes that capture Cuban life on the brink of transformation, as crushing economic exploitation and inequality give way to a working-class uprising. Backed by Carlos Fariñas's stirring score, the dazzling camera work by Sergei Urusevsky—an inspiration for generations of filmmakers to follow—gives flight to the movie's message of liberation.


• New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
• One 4K UHD disc of the film and one Blu-ray with the film and special features
"I Am Cuba," the Siberian Mammoth, a 2004 documentary on the making of the film featuring key participants
• Interview from 2003 with filmmaker Martin Scorsese
• New appreciation of the film by cinematographer Bradford Young
• Trailer
• Alternate Russian-dubbed soundtrack
• New English subtitle translation
• PLUS: An essay by film critic Juan Antonio García Borrero

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#2 Post by Blutarsky » Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:58 pm

Oh my god it finally happened.

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#3 Post by furbicide » Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:59 pm

Aw man, are you saying I have to retire the cigar box :|

(just kidding this is wonderful news. 2024 is clearly the year for long-awaited releases!)

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#4 Post by domino harvey » Tue Jan 16, 2024 1:12 pm

The most beautiful film of all time sure had a long ride to Blu-ray, but I’m glad it finally made it! Looks like the interview with Yevgeny Yevtushenko and A Film about Mikhail Kalatozov are missing from the cigar box (frustratingly these are on two different discs, so you’ll have to keep both to retain them!)

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#5 Post by Kracker » Tue Jan 16, 2024 1:19 pm

Don't think I have been this excited about a Criterion release in years. Only way they could top this is if they announced Art School Confidential

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#6 Post by ryannichols7 » Tue Jan 16, 2024 2:24 pm

I'm thrilled by this, I thought the fate of this movie was going to be suffering away on library-or-institution only copies in the US. and we get a 4K!

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#7 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Tue Jan 16, 2024 11:35 pm

Did Potemkine release in France a UHD ? (a blu-ray yes but no UHD ?)

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Re: 1214 I Am Cuba

#8 Post by feihong » Wed Jan 17, 2024 12:41 am

I have the Potemkine disc. I thought it looked good. There are no English subtitles, of course. There is no UHD on that set.

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